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Africa Continental age/sex structure Population Datasets 2000/05/10/15/20


DATA DESCRIPTION: Version 5.0 estimates of total number of people per grid square broken down by male/female and 5-year age groupings; national totals have been adjusted to match UN Population Division estimates for 2020(1).  

REGION: Africa

SPATIAL RESOLUTION: 0.00833333 decimal degrees (approx 1km at the equator)

PROJECTION: Geographic, WGS84

UNITS: Estimated persons per grid square

FORMAT: Geotiff (zipped using 7-zip (open access tool):

FILENAMES: Example - AFR_PPP_A1014_F_2020_adj_v5.tif = Africa (AFR) population dataset presenting people per pixel (PPP) for female age group 10 to 14 (A1014_F) for year 2020, adjusted to match UN national estimates (adj), dataset version 5.0 (v5). For other datasets, M = male, A65PL = age 65 and over, WOCBA = women of childbearing age (age 15-49)

DATASET CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: This dataset is compiled from demographic age/sex structure proportional data, sourced on a country-by-country basis. The primary objective was to source the most detailed sub-national level data available, for each country. For countries where no sub-national level data was available, UN Population Division national level estimates were used(1) - see Map 2 on this page. The people per pixel (PPP) estimates for each age/sex group were derived from WorldPop whole continent population datasets (version 2.0, 2016 production) hosted and described on this site(2). The continental grouping of countries honours the macro geographical classification developed and maintained by the United Nations Statistics Division (3). Full details of WorldPop population mapping methodologies are described here:


Also included: (i) csv table describing the administrative level at which the data are organised, per country.


(1) United Nations Population Division, WorldPopulation Prospects, 2015 Revision.

(2) WorldPop.

(3) United Nations Statistics Division.

Region : null
Date of production : 2016-11-01
Data Files :
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