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Africa 1km Internal Migration Flows

DATASET: Estimated internal human migration flows between subnational administrative units for malaria endemic countries (WHO, 2015; http://www.who.int/malaria/publications/country-profiles/en/)

REGION: Africa

PROJECTION: Geographic, WGS84

UNITS: Number of people

APPROACH: Unconstrained gravity-type spatial interaction model

FORMAT: csv (zipped using 7-zip (open access tool): www.7-zip.org)

FILENAMES: Example - GHA_5yrs_InternalMigFlows_2010.csv = Ghana (GHA) 5-year (5yr) internal human migration flows (InternalMigFlows) between 2005 and 2010 (2010)


For each country, it is also included a GHA_AdminUnit_Centroids shapefile representing the subnational administrative units of origin and destination

Region : null
Date of production : 2016-02-01
Data Files :
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